Farrah Abraham has continued to return to "Teen Mom OG" even though her co-stars refuse to film with her. Abraham decided to make an adult film with a well-known porn star for millions of dollars a few years ago, which was a decision that her co-stars couldn't accept. While she was financially stable after getting paid, she lost all respect from her co-stars. She clearly struggled to bond with them, as they wanted her off the show. They even refused to film reunion shows with her. Instead of dealing with the drama, Abraham decided to focus on her own life and she became very defensive with everyone around her.

While all of the other "Teen Mom OG" stars have filmed together, Farrah is clearly left out of the group. Fans understand why her co-stars don't want anything to do with her because she can be very rude. When she first started filming the show, she wasn't rich and she was left alone to care for her daughter Sophia. But the money and the fame may have changed Farrah and fans believe that she may have changed too much for the sake of the show. According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham is now bragging about her life, but fans believe she doesn't represent the young teen mother anymore. While she isn't a teenager anymore, she isn't showcasing some of the struggles that MTV may have expected her to have.

Not representing young mothers

When Farrah Abraham first started filming the show, she was a young mother who relied on her mother for help. Debra would take care of Sophia, and Farrah would question why she wasn't allowed to hang out with friends and date guys, even though she now had a daughter. Now, her life has changed so much that fans are wondering why she's still filming the show.

"She is so nasty. And I don't think her child should think it's OK to talk to her mom the way she doses. I hope when her child is old enough that she gives Farrah a taste of what she gave her own parents. She doesn't belong on teen mom with all the other moms who I think are amazing," one follower revealed about Farrah, hinting she should be removed from the show.

Of course, the show isn't about young mothers anymore, even though the show is called "Teen Mom." The show has changed directions, as it is now about how these girls are doing now, years after being teenage mothers. It's about how they deal with the current obstacles. However, it is a false representation, as they don't have to deal with financial hurdles as MTV has paid them thousands of dollars for filming the show. The show has been criticized for glamorizing teenage pregnancy.

Different agenda

Perhaps Farrah Abraham just has a different agenda compared to her co-stars. She wants to build a business empire that her daughter can take over when she's older. She recently revealed that she's launched three businesses and they all appear to be doing well.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham filming the show? Do you think she should be removed, simply because she made some different decisions compared to her co-stars?