“Supergirl” season 3 is returning in October and if there’s one thing we can’t wait to find out, that is the return of Mon-El (Chris Wood). The Daxamite Prince took the spotlight in season 2 ever since he arrived on Earth.

However, TV Fanatic pointed out that the character Mon-El should no longer be welcome in the upcoming season. As the mentioned earlier, ever since he woke up, Mon-El dominated the TV screen. His character makes it less about Kara (Melissa Benoist) and all the Superhero stuff. While being in a relationship with Kara, their forbidden love also took the spotlight.

Kara Danvers lost herself

Viewers are aware that Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam. On the other hand, Kara was from Krypton, and their planets are always at war. They were destined to hate each other but as their feelings developed, nothing else matters. It can be recalled that Kara lost her job in season 2.

The Girl of Steel loves being a journalist at CatCo. But she suddenly believes that as long as she has Mon-El, everything is alright. The second season was completely different from season 1. All the feminism that made viewers love the series in the first place is all gone.

Season 2 may have ended with Mon-El’s departure, but it is reportedly for the better. It’s now time to bring back the women who symbolized power in the series such as Lucy Lane, or even Alex Danvers and Cat Grant that will be in the next season.

Last but not least, Kara Danvers should find herself again and be the hero that she can be.

Moreover, Mon-El did not display a desirable character in the series. Planet Earth was at risk several times due to his selfishness. Supergirl is expected to take her journey to greatness but with Mon-El as her weakness makes everything limited.

Superman might return

Hidden Remote reported that Superman might return in season 3. Tyler Hoechlin was cast to play the Man of Steel during the first two episodes of season 2. He reprised his role as well in the later episodes of the season and both were well received by the viewers.

The question is, will the writers bring him back for another arc this season?

Supergirl Executive Producer Rovner said back in July that, We love Tyler Hoechlin. We love having Superman on the show and if he’s available we’d love to bring him back.” Kara Danvers will still experience the pain of her heartbreak. Therefore, having her cousin back as a helping would not be bad. After all, Clark Kent was always the one who reminds her that she is the champion of earth. We’ll see who leaves and returns in “Supergirl” season 3.