In the role of a lifetime, Leonardo DiCaprio could play Stan Lee in Lee's Marvel biography, should it ever exist. Currently, there is no movie in the works; however, once movie executives get wind of an idea, it is only a matter of time before the screenplay gets handed over.

Did you know?

Stan Lee and Leonardo DiCaprio are neighbors. Lee discussed at HasCon on September 8, that the two had spoken about how DiCaprio is a huge fan of Marvel. Lee was tickled at the amount of Marvel posters DiCaprio has covering his walls. What many don't know is that Leo's father, George DiCaprio, was deeply rooted in the underground comic scene in the 1970s as a writer, publisher, and even a distributor.

DiCaprio isn't just some actor looking to connect with his neighbors for the sake of a movie. Leo is thrown hundreds of screenplays a year and he has become very selective about his choices. Marvel is something he deeply has a passion for.

"He's got very good taste," Lee said about DiCaprio.

How did the conversation get started?

Months ago Stan and Leo were conversing and Leo mentioned how fun it would be to play Lee in his own story on the big screen. The movie would be a Marvel biography of sorts. Lee then replied to Leo that he would have to audition him, just to make sure he could do it. Of course, this was Stan's way of teasing DiCaprio because he is very well aware that Leo would be perfect for his role.

Stan joked with Leo stating that he was not sure he was "good-looking enough" and for him to "not get too excited." Stan Lee has a pretty good sense of humor.

Stan decided to speak up about the conversation because a member of the HasCon audience had asked him who he thought could portray him in a film. His reply started with, "Believe it or not, I've already discussed it with Leonardo DiCaprio." Stan also had a similar conversation as a panel guest at Wizard World in Nashville, revealing that Leo was one of his "biggest fans." It would be pretty big shoes to fill for the Oscar-winner, but Lee is confident the actor will have no problems succeeding in the role.

Stan Lee's manager, Max Anderson, told a tale of the day when he thought an over-excited fan had run up to Lee's car to praise him and his work, only for that person to be DiCaprio. That is how Lee found out he was neighbors with Leo.

Currently, DiCaprio is being actively sought to play The Joker in a Martin Scorsese produced film, but whether this is truth or a rumor, sources are undecided.

Whatever role he decides to play, Stan Lee is on his side calling him a "hell of a nice guy."

Even though there is no Marvel biography of Stan Lee in the works, after Stan's recent conversation at HasCon, don't be surprised if an announcement is made in 2018. Playing Stan Lee in a biography would be the role of a lifetime for any Marvel fan.

Who would love to see Leonardo DiCaprio play Stan Lee in his biography should it ever come to light?