On "The young and the restless," Billy has a long history with Victoria. They were both on an Island and awoke married after a night of drinking. They have been married and divorced several times since, and have two children together. Billy turned to Phyllis while she was still married to Jack, but he and Vicky were no longer together. Spoiler alerts indicate viewers are torn when it comes to which woman Billy should choose.

Philly or Villy that is the question

Jill saw that Billy and Victoria were still in love with each other, so she decided to push them together.

She purchased "Brash and Sassy" and hired Vicky, Cane, and her son to run it together. Jill's scheme was working, and Villy was bonding until Victor Newman got in the way. Nikki, Nicholas, and Victoria found out that Victor was responsible for bringing Chloe back to town, which led to Adam's death. They decided to excommunicate the Newman patriarch from the family, but keep up public appearances.

Billy knew something was going on, but when Vicky pushed him away, he became frustrated and turned to Phyllis. They began acting like lustful teenagers, and the relationship has not developed much more from that premise. Villy has a history, a future with "Brash and Sassy" and children that connect them.

There are possibilities for a long term union with Billy and Victoria.

Philly's allure is sex, period, and there is the baggage of Phyllis previously being married to Jack. Victoria and Billy have been bonding while working together to save their beloved company. Outside the bedroom, Billy and Phyllis have not much to talk about except what Jack is planning.

Viewers are split on which couple they desire to see come out on top. It looks like the writers of "The Young and the Restless" seem to be leaning in the direction of Villy. Fans, however, can never know for certain. Spoiler alerts offer nothing definite only teasing in regards to which couple will win.

Victoria and Phyllis are about to clash

On Friday's episode, Victoria found out from Ravi that Phyllis is the one who suggested Ben Hochman contact her. She cornered her rival in the company elevator and hit the button to stop it from moving. Vicky called Phyllis a bitch which is very much out of character for her. This may be a side effect from the fall that is causing Vicky's erratic behavior as of late. These two in the elevator is the equivalent of caged animals and feelings about to erupt.

Vicky and the woman who wants her ex-husband is about to clash, and it will not be pretty. When Billy finds out what Phyllis did, he will be angry with her. And should she obtain the knowledge that Billy used her laptop to get info on Jabot for Victoria, Phyllis will be livid. All of this will probably produce Villy as the winner. Stay tuned each week day afternoon on CBS to find out which couple will be the one to survive.