Actor Shailene Woodley had opened up about her experience when she was arrested for protesting. The actor was taken into police custody only because she was using her voice to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The star is convinced that the only reason she was arrested is that the police recognized her as a celebrity and that the authorities wanted to send a message.

Despite the fact that the arrest happened in 2016, Shailene Woodley is bringing the issue back into the spotlight. The actor shared her thoughts regarding her experience and wanted to share this message with the world

The actor spoke candidly of her time in jail

According to the Huffington Post, actor Shailene Woodley has finally opened up about her arrest during a peaceful protest against the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The star was live streaming the protest on her Facebook account at the time of her arrest when police took her into custody due to her celebrity status.

Woodley has claimed that the experience of being in a jail cell was a very negative one. She stated that police forced her to strip down and searched her for drugs. The actor claims that this was completely uncalled for and that the authorities had no reason to suspect that she had any drugs in her possession.

In a report by Perez Hilton, Shailene also shared that when she was being searched, the door into the room was closed and she was left alone with an officer. The actor expressed that she was completely at their mercy and that anything could have happened behind the closed door.

She stated that she felt like a caged animal and knew that the police could treat her in any way they saw fit.

Woodley is a strong advocate for change

According to Perez Hilton, Shailene Woodley first began getting involved in this kind of protests a few years ago. She has teamed up with Bernie Sanders, and together they have raised public knowledge about certain issues, the Dakota Pipeline being one of them.

The star admitted that protesting was something she fell into and immediately found a passion for it. Shailene is a strong advocate for the public doing their part in protecting their rights and their environment. She has explained that the biggest change that people can make is to raise mindfulness around the issue.

In a report by the New York Times, Shailene Woodley has not ruled out getting more involved in politics in the future and has expressed her interest in doing her part to change the world.

The actor stated that she is still young and has plenty of time to make decisions about what she wants to be involved in.

Shailene Woodley has succeeded in raising awareness about the police response to peaceful protestors, and the issues that the public need to keep in their minds.