Victor Newman is ruthless, and his fury knows no boundaries, even when it comes it his family. Spoiler alerts indicate that the Newman patriarch brought Kevin back to genoa city to exact revenge on Nick. He wants to use Mr. Fisher's cyber hacking skills, to reclaim the $500 million his son received as a settlement in the lawsuit. Victor is setting aside his anger over Chloe killing Adam, and making use of the fact that her husband blames Nick for all his woes. All of this is being set in motion because Nicholas told Faith that her grandfather kicked them off of the ranch.

Victor wishes to leave his son penniless just because he told his daughter the truth.

Kevin agrees because of his own feelings towards Nick.

Victor decided to kick his son off the ranch and is angry that Nick told Faith the truth about it. Later the little girl advised her grandpa that she knew he lied to her and she could not trust him. This broke Victor's heart, but instead of feeling remorse he decided to get even. He called Kevin Fisher to come back to Genoa City to help him get even with his son. On Thursday Victor laid out his plan which is to reclaim the $500 million that Nick received in the lawsuit.

Kevin blames Nick for the fact that he and Choe had to leave town and move to Portland.

Once he found out that Chloe murdered Adam, Nick was like a dog with a bone. He and Chelsea decided to track her down and make her pay for her crime. Before they got too close, Victor helped Chloe fake her death, and now everyone in Genoa City believes she is dead.

Victor and Kevin went from enemies to frenemies

Victor's wrath had been against Chloe for killing his son, but Kevin stood up to him.

Instead of punishing her, the Newman patriarch allowed them to leave town with their daughter Bella. Perhaps he realized that Kevin's cyber hacking skills might come in handy, and now that day is here. The enemies are now frenemies who are using each other for a common goal. On Thursday, Victor told Kevin to use his unique abilities and steal all the money that Nick won in the lawsuit.

If Kevin is successful in taking away $500 million, Nicholas Newman would be virtually penniless.

When Kevin hesitates, Victor suggests his skills may have diminished, but Mr. Fisher assures him this is not true and says he is in. How ironic that Kevin said it was Nick's fault that Chloe had to go on the run and Mr. Newman did not even address the fact that all of this started because he brought Chloe back t town and she murdered Adam. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to keep up with this plan to steal Nicholas Newman's money.