shannon beador seemed confident in herself as she was battling it out on the beach volleyball court with the other ladies on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" during this week's episode of the show. She knew that Tamra Judge would never accept Vicki Gunvalson's apology in that moment, so she felt happy and secure in her own friendship. However, once the game was over and the party went to Kelly Dodd's house, Gunvalson saw an opportunity to talk to Tamra. When this happened, Shannon rushed to Tamra's side to insert herself into the conversations.

Fans of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" felt that she was a being a bit too much, as she wouldn't let the two former friends talk.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing why it looked like she was being aggressive. What fans didn't know was that Tamra had asked Shannon to come to her defense and be by her side during this party. Judge had learned about the gay rumors that had started to circulate about her husband and she wanted to know how Vicki was involved. Beador stood firmly behind her friend as they were talking, but she inserted herself several times. Fans were growing tired of the constant accusations that Beador kept bringing up, as Vicki denied having lied about cancer.

Is she insecure?

When Shannon Beador was coming to Tamra's defense, it almost looked like she was insecure. What would happen to her if Tamra and Vicki became friends again? Would Vicki convince Tamra to ditch Shannon? Lydia McLaughlin pointed out that Shannon may have felt hurt because she was ditched during the conversation, but Beador isn't falling for it.

"Lydia had the audacity to assume that my ego was somehow bruised because I was not a part of the Vicki conversation. I’m ok with the state of my relationship with Vicki. I have no desire to sit down with her, or have other people talk about our past," Shannon Beador explains on her blog, revealing that she almost felt offended that Lydia would question how sad she is about the entire situation.

Abusive husband claims

Shannon Beador has her own issues with Vicki Gunvalson as she's furious that Vicki would bring up stories about physical abuse. She claims to have proof that David Beador hit Shannon. While the proof may never come to light, Shannon was affected by these accusations and she's not happy about it.

What do you think about Shannon Beador's decision to speak out against Lydia? Do you think she was being a good friend, or do you think she looked insecure?