The twists and turns of the plots on "The Young and the Restless" are enough to make your head spin. This is especially true whenever Victor Newman is involved. Earlier this year, Chloe was put on his naughty list when Victor found out she blew up the cabin with his son Adam inside. The Fishers went into hiding, but "the mustache" found them.

Kevin begged Victor to let them go in peace and not seek revenge. There was an understanding that neither of them had to see the other again. Now, however, just a few months later Mr. Fisher has been summoned back to Genoa City.

He will be in town for two weeks, and the purpose is to help the Newman patriarch take down his son Nick.

The plot change that brought Kevin back as Victor's ally

When viewers last saw the Fisher family, Victor had located their whereabouts and confronted Chloe in regard to killing his son. The look on his face gave the impression that he wanted to tie weights to the couple and drown them in the sea. Kevin pleaded on his daughter's behalf, asking that the family be allowed to live in Portland, Oregan and never come back. Victor agreed to this. Chloe obtained an assumed name, and along with her husband and little Bella, rode off into the sunset.

On Tuesday, Victor called someone on the phone and asked them to come back to town.

On Wednesday, Kevin returned to Genoa City and paid the Newman patriarch a visit. The two men spoke with each other as if the past never happened. Victor asked about Chloe as if she were an old friend, and he and Kevin talked as if there has never been animosity between them. The plot has changed and the two men are currently allies rather than enemies.

At least for now.

Animosity towards Nick is the common denominator between Victor and Kevin

As they spoke, it became clear that Kevin was summoned to help Victor get revenge on his son. Mr. Newman shared how Nicholas is trying to turn his grandaughter, Faith, against him. He also pointed out that when Adam was alive, his brother hated him, and after his death, he wanted to avenge him.

Kevin surprisingly spoke freely about Nick trying to track his wife down in order to prove she killed his half-sibling.

Both men agreed that if it were not for the actions of the Newman patriarch's son, things would be quite different. The scene ends with Victor telling Kevin that his son must be dealt with. For now, Kevin and Victor have a common goal. Their animosity towards Nick trumps any issues they may have with each other. They have put their differences aside in order to make Nicholas pay for his interference.

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