Katy Perry came back on the concert scene as she performed her greatest hits during her world tour, “Witness.” The first leg of her concert performance happened at the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada on September 19, Entertainment Tonight reported.

One of the most remarkable parts of the show was her rendition of a 1980s hit by Janet Jackson, “What Have You Done For Me Lately.” She successfully channeled the 90s music icon complete with the movements that reminded viewers of Jackson’s performance during the Grammy Awards in 1987.

Perry covered the Janet Jackson hit wearing a stylish ensemble of black and white sleeveless top paired with ruffled pants.

She danced alongside her backup performers who matched her outfit with black body-tight suits and pants.

Costume changes

Just like her previous performances, Katy Perry’s first concert as part of her “Witness” tour was loaded with spectacular costumes and colorful outfit changes. The songstress even included the shark mascot which became popular during her Super Bowl half-time performance in 2015.

According to Entertainment Tonight, she had a total of six costume changes throughout the show. She sang her breakthrough hit “Teenage Dream” wearing a checkered ensemble of collared long-sleeve blouse and pants, combining this with a pair of sunglasses.

Then, she also sang “Dark Horse” wearing a red sequined one-piece costume with a hoodie.

She changed her outfit to a blue latex when she performed “Roar.”

Aside from Perry as the main act, even her backup performers were dressed up in elaborate costumes. Moreover, her microphone was also styled to match her outfits in each of the performances.

The stage design was also a spectacle in itself.

The concert featured life-sized and gigantic props as big as the singer herself.

“I want people to feel joy when they leave,” Perry told Entertainment Online. “And I also want them to feel inspired.”

The songstress’ “Witness” tour features 20 of her greatest hits, including her new songs such as “Bon Appetit” and “Swish Swish.”

Upcoming concerts

Katy Perry is headed to Uncasville, Connecticut on September 21 to continue her Concert Tour.

After this, she will visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio. She also has upcoming performances in the District of Columbia, New York, Tennessee, Illinois, and Massachusetts, her official concert tour website noted.

Outside the United States, she will have a set of performances in France, Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Australia.