Greg Rikaart will be excited to know he is returning to "The Young and the Restless" on Wednesday, September 20th. His character Kevin Fisher has been a favorite of viewers for 14 years. Unfortunately for fans, Kevin will only be in Genoa City for two weeks.

Still no details on why Kevin is returning to The Young and the Restless

Kevin Fisher will be on screen in only three days, and there still has been no explanation for why he is returning to Genoa City at this time. We do know that he is coming alone without his wife and daughter, but nothing else has been revealed.

Kevin left with Chloe and Bella in order to keep Victor from retaliating for Adam's death. One of the stipulations was that the Newman patriarch never see them again, yet something is causing Kevin to risk all and come back to town.

Speculation has it that Greg Rikaart came back to "The Young and the Restless" because he found out that Ada Newman is alive, and he wants to clear Chloe's name with Victor. There have been rumors, but no official date confirmed that Michael Muhney would soon reprise his role as Adam Newman. Fans were angry when Rikaart's contract was not renewed and also when Muhney was let go from the show. Having these fan favorites to return surely would be a rating grabber.

Kevin Fisher's mother and mother in law have been scarce since he left.

Since Kevin left Genoa City with Chloe and Bella, not much has been seen of his mother or his mother in law. Both Gloria and Esther have had more off-screen time than on. It would be great to see Gloria and Esther sparing with each other again, but with Rikaart only around for about 14 days, that may or may not be possible.Without knowing the storyline that brings him back to "The Young and the Restless," there is no way to figure out which characters Kevin will interact with.

It's a given that Victor Newman will somehow fit into why Kevin is back in Genoa City During his 2-week stint he should be able to see Michael, Lauren, Esther, Gloria and Paul as well. Some spoilers have suggested that Kevin s coming back to help wrap up the prostitution ring although there has been nothing that would tie him to it.

Viewers, remember to tune in Tuesday, September 20th at 12:30 p.m. and find out for sure why Greg Rikkart is back on "The Young and the Restless." This will surely be two weeks of fun and intrigue and perhaps closure to the sex trafficking storyline, Adam Newman's supposed death, and or maybe something the writers have kept under wraps.