On "The Young and the Restless" the escalating tension between Victoria and Cane is causing problems for everyone, especially their children. The teenagers who are falling in love are paying the price because of the problems between the adults in their lives. Spoiler alerts say the battle between their parents will have a profound effect on Reed and Mattie.

Cane is pushing his daughter into Reed's arms

On Wednesday Cane, got a call from Mattie's school informing him his daughter had skipped class. He suspected she was with Reed, so he went to Victoria's house, where he found Mattie's headband, Victoria walked in just as Cane was yelling at her son.

She told Reed to go to school and then asked Cane to leave her house. Spoiler alerts indicate that Lily will talk to her estranged husband, and remind him of how Neil did not want them together. She will point out that Cane's behavior is pushing their daughter right into Reed's arms.

Cane is overwhelmed because of Julie and the baby, and also being out of work. All he wants is to have his family back together, and he is afraid of losing his daughter. Things are compounded by the fact that Mattie is not just falling for any boy, she is hanging out with the son of the woman who fired her father. Both teenagers keep saying they should not pay the price because of the drama with their parents.

The teenagers will be punished severely

Spoiler alerts indicate that both teenagers will be severely punished for their actions. Mattie will have her phone taken away for several weeks, and be forbidden to have contact with Reed. This will cause Mattie to lash out at her parents and say how unfair they are being. Meanwhile, Victoria will tell her son that Cane is going to take steps to see that he and Mattie never see each other again.

Victoria. And Vicky will consider legal action to keep Mr. Ashby away from her home and her business.

The teens have an ally of sorts in Hilary, but they really should not trust her. Cane will probably tell his new confidante what has taken place and Ms. Curtis will use it to her advantage. She has been cozying up to Phyllis within the last week and will more than likely share with her the saga of the star crossed teenagers in love.

It's even plausible that Phyllis may get involved to show Billy that she loves his children. The one thing Victoria does not need is Phyllis trying to parent her teenage son. Spoilers have not given a long range projection regarding Reed and Mattie, so anything is possible. Stay tuned to CBS each weekday afternoon for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."