The cast of "Riverdale" had a strange encounter with a fan recently when they were approached on a night out. The fan tried to hang out with the cast and was very intoxicated. This individual then took to social media to complain about the actions of Cole Sprouse. It did not take long for his girlfriend, Lili Reinhart to reply to the fans claims.

The fan posted her complaints on Twitter

According to E! News, a "Riverdale" fan tweeted her complaints against the cast of the hit TV show. The fan claims that she saw the cast out in downtown Vancouver and was drunk when she spotted them.

She stated that she approached Cole Sprouse and talked to him as if she knew him. However, it was then revealed that the fan threw her arms around Sprouse in an unexpected hug.

In a report by Entertainment Weekly, the fan stated that Cole Sprouse asked her who she was in an extremely rude manner. The fan posted that she was disgusted by the behavior of the actor and this prompted her to leave the scene. The fan did not just leave her comments at this. She went on to say that celebrities know they are signing up to talk to the public and that Cole's behavior was not professional.

She then stated that Cole Sprouse should quit his job because he clearly did not care about his responsibilities as an actor.

She went on to say that Sprouse is paid to have fans and that he should respect them when they approach him.

Reinhart has publicly replied to these comments

According to Digital Spy, actor Lili Reinhart replied to these claims by the "Riverdale" fan. Reinhart stated that the fan was extremely intoxicated when she approached the group.

She told the public that this fan had no right to walk up to a complete stranger and throw her arms around them.

She stated that the fans actions were very inappropriate, and alarming to the cast as they did not know who she was. She then revealed that the fan was actually altering the story, and claimed that Cole Sprouse simply asked if he knew her.

Lili Reinhart stated that the fan completely invaded their personal space and that this was not good behavior.

Reinhart stated that it is easy for the fan to make the cast of "Riverdale" appear like the bad people in this situation. She claimed that the fan thought that none of the cast would reply or call her out on it. Reinhart then talked directly to the individual, stating that she was calling her out for being rude and inappropriate.

Lili Reinhart has received a lot of support from her fans online as they have liked and retweeted her message for others to see. It is clear that fans believed Reinhart's story over the upset fans about the cast's behavior.