Carly's daughter Joslyn Jax has a budding romance with Oscar on "General Hospital." Her uncle Sonny's mob association may give the teens a reality check regarding their relationship. The presence of organized crime may be too much for the young couple to deal with.

The Port Charles Mob connections may be too much

On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital" viewers saw Joslyn come home from school to complete chaos. Sonny, Milo, and Carly were in the living room standing around Oscar. It seems Joss forgot to text her friend with the location of where she wanted to meet him.

Oscar went to the house and when he found the front door locked he let his himself in through the open back door. Milo -- who is guarding the family -- thought the teen was a burglar and accosted him.

After Joslyn confirmed that Oscar was telling the truth Milo backed down, but Sonny had a private talk with his stepdaughter. He explained that Milo was watching the family because Jason had been shot trying to protect him. Later as Joss and Oscar were hanging out, they made a reference to her uncle's bodyguard being in close proximity. Both of the teens tried to laugh it off, but the mob connections to her family in Port Charles are most likely going to affect their romance.

Organized crime will always be a factor for the Corinthos/Jax family

Shootouts and bodyguards are a way of life for everyone connected to Sonny Corinthos. He has been the reigning organized crime boss in Port Charles for some time. He recently called a meeting of the 5 families and announced that he was going legit. Everyone seemed to accept his decision but later one of the mobsters tried to kill Sonny and Jason was shot trying to defend him.

Over the years a number of people that Mr. Corinthos loved died because of his association with the dark side. His first wife Lily was blown up in a car on their wedding day, and Jason has been shot multiple times -- and once was presumed dead. Michael was shot in the head, and Morgan died after an explosion.

Being the stepdaughter of a crime lord brings certain things to the table, and because Oscar is interested in Joslyn, he could be a potential target and his life may be put at risk.

For now, until the perceived danger subsides, Sonny will continue to have Milo and others looking out for Carly and Joss. This young couple may eventually become tired of bodyguards watching their every move. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. on ABC.