On "General Hospital," Sonny Corinthos has been scorned. His wife Carly ended up in bed with her ex Jasper Jax. Now Sonny has declared war on Jax. He seems to not take into consideration that Carly was a willing participant. Sonny has decided that he will destroy his rival and seems to be off to a pretty good start.

Revenge can be bitter and sweet

On Thursday, Jax was arrested because he purchased a kidney illegally for his daughter Joslyn. Nelle the kidney donor refused to press charges, and Jax was set free. Today Jasper Jax receives a visit from an immigrations officer.

it turns out that his visa has been revoked, because of the illegal purchase of Nelle's kidney. Sonny, of course, is behind it all. Jason warns his friend that he is going to alienate Carly, but Mr. Corinthos does not care.

Jax hates Sonny for a number of reasons. The major one is that Carly always goes back to him. Sonny and Carly were living separately, but still legally married. Jax knew this and had sex with his ex anyway. He probably figured it was one more way to infuriate the mob boss before he went back to Australia. When Sonny is out for blood, he cuts deep, because Jax found out that he must leave the country and never return in order not to be prosecuted. Carly is livid that her spouse dared to go so far.

She was more surprised when Jax said he would love for her and Joslyn to move to Australia with him. If they go, this would be the ultimate revenge on Sonny.

Dysfunction has the upper hand

Viewers realize that Carly will turn Jax down. As angry as she is at Sonny, Carly cannot live without him. They are so deeply into each other, that their dysfunction is what makes them work.

Jax will be disappointed yet again by this woman he loves. He knows deep down Carly will always return to Sonny. And he hates that he cannot do anything about it. Once again he will concede, and return "down under," with a broken heart.

Sonny should have heeded the wisdom of Jason because hell has no fury like Carly scorned.

Mrs. Corinthos acts first and thinks about it later. Sonny also must have forgotten that at one point he put all his assets in Carly's name, so she could legally wipe him out. Once Jax is gone, all hell will break out Sonny and Carly will begin hurting each other over and over again, because it's what they do. This couple loves hard and fight each other with equal passion. Carly might take Sonny to the cleaners, and regret her decision when it's too late. That seems to be her method of operation.