Joslyn Jax is falling in love on "General Hospital." She and her friend Oscar have been bonding during summer camp. They dealt with Spencer's kidnapping together and are finding they have some things in common. Joss's mom Carly, however, is having trouble dealing with her daughter growing up. She is not yet ready for the possibility that her little girl may be falling in love.

Carly realizes her daughter is just like her

Carly has been talking to her mother Bobbie about her daughter. She is concerned because Joss has been displaying some mannerisms that remind Carly of herself at that age.

Joslyn is headstrong and sometimes acts before she thinks. Joss has been building a friendship with Oscar and recently Carly had him come to her home so she could meet him. She wants to make sure that this young man does not get her daughter into any trouble, because of Joslyn only having one kidney.

Joss did not want her mother telling her medical history to Oscar but now the deed is done. She keeps trying to get her mom to back off but it is to no avail. Joss insists she and Oscar are only friends but her mom suspects something more. Carly confided to her mother that she does not want Josslyn to make the same mistakes she did at that age. Bobbie replied that the teen will have to make her own choices.

Carly hears what Bobbie is saying but deep down she still wants to control her daughter's life. Her intuition is warning Carly that her daughter might do destructive things as she did.

'General Hospital' may have a teen summer romance

Thanks to Bobbie, Carly is staying pretty balanced about her daughter dating and possibly falling in love.

Only time will tell however whether or not she will meddle with the friendship and try to tear the teens apart. Oscar and Joslyn are counselors for Lila's kid's summer day camp. They are both respectable teenagers and following all the rules.They are not sneaking off to make out, and have not yet even shared their first kiss.

The friendship between these two is growing slowly and it looks like "General Hospital" is gearing up for a summer romance. With the return of Spencer Cassadine, who along with his cousin Charlotte is attending the day camp it seems that the powers that be are trying to woo a younger audience for the show. Having the teens and children interact with the adults on a regular basis adds a dynamic to "GH" that is missing from the other 3 remaining daytime dramas.

The budding romance between Joslyn Jax and Oscar will be a storyline that viewers of all ages should enjoy. Spoiler alerts indicate that Carly is going to be busy this coming week with Sam's illness and Sonny being shot so maybe the teens will get a temporary reprieve.