It is Mary’s communion, and Julie has invited Travis to attend the ceremony. Julie is going through a lot, and she has let her guards down endangering her family. Can Bob Lee Swagger stop Travis from harming Julie and Mary in “Shooter” Season 2, episode 8 finale? The last installment of the season titled “That’ll Be The Day” is expected to end on a cliffhanger. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the finale episode.

Official promo: Episode 8

In the promo trailer, Mary, Julie, and Travis are in the church for the communion. Mary seems to be enjoying while Julie is capturing the memorable event.

Travis is sitting at the back looking at them. In the video, Bob Lee is seen trying to reach out to Julie desperately, but he is unable to tell her about the impending threat in the form of Solotov (Travis). Towards the second half of the trailer, Bob Lee can be seen in the church with a gun. He is sitting behind Solotov. Bob Lee tells Solotov that he can do whatever he needs to do to him but spare his family. But, Solotov has wrapped explosives to his coat. He is on a suicide mission to destroy Bob Lee and his family.

Bob Lee vs. Solotov in “Shooter” Season 2 finale

Solotov is taking out the members of Unit 8113 and their loved ones; now he has his eyes on Bob Lee and his family. In an interview with TV Line, actress Shantel VanSanten, who plays Julie in the show, talked about what’s next for the characters.

VanSanten spoke about Julie. She stated that her character would take a hard look at her mental condition towards the end of this season. “It’s similar, if you will, to depression, where you have good days, and you have bad days. You have days where you think you’re OK, and then you have a trigger for the trauma. All season, I was waiting for the episode where she would get help, but I knew that it would have to get worse before it got better,” the actress said.

During the interview, she also talked about the season being shortened due to Ryan Phillippe’s injury. She recounts that they were just a few days into shooting installment 9 when they had to stop the shooting because Phillippe fractured his leg. She revealed that episode 8 was written and they didn’t change anything. She teased that the finale will leave “everybody hanging, wondering what’s going to happen next.” VanSanten added that they are praying that they get “Shooter” Season 3 as they have a lot to share in terms of the story. Stay tuned.