Solotov is in the U.S. and Bob Lee and Isaac learn about the assassin’s presence after their friend and trusted comrade is murdered. The promo trailer for shooter Season 2, Episode 4 showcases flashbacks to the mission in Afghanistan that reveals Solotov’s identity.

Solotov is in the U.S.

According to “Shooter” Season 2, Episode 4, titled “The Dark End of the Street,” official synopsis, Bob Lee and Isaac finally team up after they lose their loved ones. They learn about Solotov’s presence in the country. Meanwhile, in the newly released trailer, Issac is introduced to a UN doctor, who is none other than Solotov.

In the flashback sequence, Issac is informed that the doctor will be traveling with them on the mission. But, soon they are ambushed.

Nadine suspects a controversy

Nadine arrives in Texas and she suspects a controversy. In the trailer, she meets Bob Lee and Isaac. Nadine shows them a sketch of Solotov and Isaac recognizes him as the UN doctor from Afghanistan.

In the previous “Shooter” episode, Nadine is looking for the reporter, Jeffrey Denning, who was covering the heroin episode. However, the arrival of Patricia Gregson looked like a roadblock for Nadine as she threatened Nadine and her boyfriend not to pursue the path. Looks like, Nadine is in no mood to back down as she gets a message from the reporter about the meeting from a blocked number.

Gregson has also threatened Isaac about how about the consequences of the heroin bust carried out in Afghanistan.

Bob Lee, Isaac vs. Solotov

Bob Lee and Isaac have figured out that Solotov and other forces are hunting down Unit 8113's members, who were behind the heroin bust. The duo is aware that the assassins are ready to take down not only the members of the unit but also their family members and loved ones.

Isaac is furious after Lin’s death in Bangkok and seeks revenge, while Bob Lee is worried about his wife Julie and daughter Mary. Dobb's horrific death will affect Bob Lee and other members of Unit 8113.

Isaac must control his urges to kill the opponent and work with Bob Lee and Nadine to bring down Solotov. Meanwhile, Nadine will try her best to uncover the embroiling conspiracy in Texas.

Now that they can connect the dots between the UN doctor and Solotov, it will be interesting to see what happens next on “Shooter.”

Shooter” Season 2, Episode 4 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, August 8 on USA Network. Stay tuned for more TV spoilers and updates.