Gina meets one of her therapy heroes as the group attends the Alien Experiencer Expo in People Of Earth Season 2, Episode 8. Elsewhere, Don the White visits the expo and wreaks havoc. Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Episode 8 recap

The episode starts off with Gerry working on a tiny spaceship with the glowing green capsule that he got from the spaceship. He remembers how the floating cube on the spaceship warned him that he must not smell it, drop it, breath it or even look at it. Yvonne interrupts him and tells him to sleep. But, he tells her that he is building a game.

The next day, the bus is ready for the alien convention and Gina tells the passengers that she has convinced Agent Alex Foster to experience the show with an open mind. Foster looks reluctant when she receives the “I Believe” badge from Gina.

Meanwhile, Jeff the Grey wonders if he is the last grey alive in the universe as he fails to send or receive any signal to his people. Don the White assures him that they are fine. Don need Jeffin order to log into the archive. Gina is visiting the expo to share her story about Ozzie with Leonard Bechdal who is releasing his latest novel based on alien abduction. She wonders if he has read her story. Bechdal is a psychologist and experiencer who writes about abduction trauma.

The Alien Expo!

At the expo, Agent Foster is clueless about various things and she questions Richard at one of the booths about why the sinking of Titanic was not an accident but something related to the aliens. Meanwhile, Yvonne thinks something is off with Gerry and she confronts him. She thinks that aliens did something bad to him, but he thinks that they love him.

Later, Bechdal talks to the audience about his book, “Toward the Light” which is all about alien abduction. During his speech, he mentions Gina. To her surprise, Bechdal reveals that he has read her story and calls her “perceptive and sensitive new writer.” “Aliens have a done a lot of things and you can be a victim or a rich victim,” Bechdal tells Gina as he offers her $15,000 for selling her story to him which can become a book.

But towards the end of the episode, Gina turns down the offer and publically humiliates him for offering a disgusting deal. She tells him that she is not for sale and neither is Ozzie’s story. But, he threatens her to spoil her credibility as he is a known figure in the alien exploration industry. Watch the latest “People of Earth” Season 2 episode on Amazon and iTunes.