The 21st season of South Park kicks off this Wednesday with a new episode taking on the white supremacy issue in the country. The citizens are on the streets protesting and Randy learns what it means to be white in today’s times. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episode.

Official synopsis – Episode 1

“South Park” Season 21 starts off the new season with the white nationalist movement. The synopsis of the episode titled white people Renovating Houses” reveals that the protesters are armed with confederate flags and tiki torches and they are on the streets of the town.

Meanwhile, Randy, finally, understands what it means to belong to the white race in today’s society.

Official episode 1 promo

In the newly-released preview trailer, Randy is up against the white supremacist in a court room. He argues that they are trying to help people, but it is impossible with these guys, pointing at the opponents, waving the confederate flag for anything. Meanwhile, the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the new season. The duo revealed that they hope to make a comeback to one-off storylines featuring the kids in season 21 of the series. Parker said that in Season 20 they wanted to go back to the kids but they could not ignore Mr.

Garrison (Donald Trump).

Stone accepted that serializing the show was quite hard for them. He added that it was cool in some ways but they were also trapped in some parts. Stone mentioned that the way they make the series; a complete serialization is not “compatible.” “We would always talk about how great it is because on South Park, one week it can be about the kids and then the next week it is about Garrison and then the next week it is about Randy,” Parker said.

He went on to reveal fans can expect in the new season of “South Park.” Parker teased that he is a fan of Heidi Turner, Eric Cartman’s love interest and they don’t wish to send her away. He said that he is happy that Cartman is now someone in a relationship. It is expected to make the character interesting. In season 20 of the animated show, Cartman fell in love with Heidi.

Where to watch episode 1 online?

“South Park” Episode 1 of Season 21 will air on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Fans can watch the latest episode on Hulu and Also, the new video game, based on the show, titled “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” will release on Oct. 17.