Only three episodes are left before the current season concludes and the show is heading towards an epic one. “Shooter” Season 2, Episode 6 is titled “Across the Rio Grande.” Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new episode of the series. Read if you wish to know more.

Cutoff Solotov’s money

As the deadly assassin is going after Unit 8113’s member in “Shooter” Bob Lee Swagger is determined to take him down. This time, he will go after Solotov’s money. In the promo trailer, Bob Lee announces that they go after his banker and stop him.

Solotov’s banker, we find him, cut-off the blood and kill the tumor.” They follow the money.

The scene cuts to Swagger and his team confronting the banker and ordering him to freeze his accounts and bankrupt him. They point a gun at the accountant and tell him to bankrupt Solotov.

Holy hell on Unit 8113

Solotov is targeting the members of the unit and mercilessly, killing them. If you see Solotov or can ID him, you are most probably, definitely, dead. In episode 6 of the season, Swagger manages to track the money, and he goes straight up against a Mexican cartel. If Solotov is not enough, the Mexican cartel mess will be a big one for him.

Meanwhile, Nadine is set to assist a journalist in investigating a major cover-up.

In the previous episode, Nadine was assigned to look at Zehnder. She had to keep him safe and finding details about Solotov. But, towards the end of the episode, Solotov assassinated Zehnder as he had information about him and his secret organization named Atlas. Things are clear now that the assassin will kill anyone who can identify him or his organization or, for that matter, connect the dots.

Donny was the target all along as he could ID him and he had to be killed by the skilled sniper.

It will be interesting to see if Bob Lee and others can cut off his money stream and cripple him. What will be Solotov’s response? Will he come after his family? Julie has interacted with him, and it is hazardous now that he can hear their conversations in the house.

“Bob Lee tracks Solotov's money and goes up against a Mexican cartel; Nadine helps a journalist investigate a cover-up; Julie makes her frustration heard," reads the official synopsis for the upcoming episode.

Episode 6: How to watch

Fans can watch the latest installment of “Shooter” Season 2 in the USA. Viewers can also catch the new episode on USA Network that is slated to air on Tuesday, Aug 22.