Fans of "Shahs of Sunset" are going to be shocked to hear the news that Golnesa "gg" Gharachedaghi is married! That is right the reality star got married in January, but didn't even tell the fans about it, and the news is just now coming out. It is pretty surprising she was able to keep it a secret this long, but somehow the news didn't end up getting out.

What is going on with 'GG'?

She went to her Instagram page on Valentine's Day to share the big news that she is now married to Shalom. The two actually got married back in January, but the "shahs of sunset" star is just now telling everyone about it.

She shared in the video that it was a spur of the moment ceremony and that they are now married. Nobody had any idea this happened, but "GG" decided she was ready to tell her fans.

"GG" actually shared a video and said, "January 25, 2017, We walked into a courthouse just to see what type of paperwork is needed for getting married." The thing is she later deleted this video for some reason. She revealed that they were not dressed for a wedding. They found out that there was a chapel right there and they could get married right away, so they just did it. One hour after going into the court house to figure out the details the "Shahs of Sunset" star was married. The happy couple seems totally okay with their big decision to do it that way, too.

Everyone did find out back in December that "GG" was engaged. She seemed really excited to get married but didn't share the wedding details at the time. They were in New York City when he proposed, and things went great. She later deleted that post as well. It is very odd that she keeps deleting the posts and nobody knows the reason why she doesn't leave them up.

Everyone would love to understand why "GG" never leaves up these posts.

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