Serena Williams, the tennis superstar, penned a heart-warming letter to her mom, Oracene Price, as she thanked her for setting the best example on becoming a strong Mother. According to her, mothers are totally right when they say that daughters won't fully understand something they did until they become mothers themselves.

Williams entitled the letter, "Letter to my Mom," and the tennis pro immediately posted it on Reddit. On the letter, Williams wrote, "You are one of the strongest women I know. I was looking at my daughter and she has my arms and legs!" In line with her letter, the tennis pro also recalled how she went through criticisms over her powerful, toned body.

She added that she simply cannot imagine how she would react if her daughter will go through such criticisms when she grows old.

Proud of being black

As Williams continued her letter, the new mom added that she has been proud being a black woman. Despite several criticisms, Williams was happy that she and her mother were able to show the world how some women may look like.

Further, she also thanked her mom for being the perfect example of strength. She admired her mother a lot on how she dealt with overcoming hardships that she faced her entire life. Williams, being a mother to Alexis Olympia, also hopes that she would be able to teach her daughter everything that she learned from her mother.

The 35-year old tennis pro continued to write, "Promise me, Mom, that you will continue to help me."

An open letter

Williams was known for posting open letters to everyone.

Perhaps, it was not the first time for her to write an emotional letter to someone. To recall, the tennis superstar also penned a letter to which she addressed it to all the women who continued to strive for excellence.

According to Teen Vogue, Williams published her previous letter in Porter Magazine where she used to address the issue about gender equality to women.

She further shared that women should not only be judged by their render, but also with their achievements.

Early this year, Williams broke the news that she was pregnant to an Alexis Jr. She first posted a picture of her on Instagram where she flaunted her baby bump to her social media followers.

She also wrote a sweet caption which says that her growing bundle of joy is her source of strength and it has taught her the real sense of serenity and peace. Now that she's become a mother, Williams has fully appreciated the roles of mothers in the world.