Tonight was the big finale of "America's Got Talent" 2018. The show started out with a little recap of what has been going on this season and then they had a few amazing performances. Kelly Clarkson showed up to perform, which was a treat for everyone. It was quite a ways into the show before they even shared who was not going to win. Derek Hough even surprised everyone by joining one of the acts.

What else went down tonight?

The judges got to do a training session with their dogs, but they aren't near as talented as the dogs on "AGT" this season.

Mandy Harvey got to perform with Shania Twain, which was great to see. Darci Lynne got the chance to perform on the show with Terry Fator. This was huge for her and was a great act. Darci has been a fan favorite all season and a lot of people were sure she would win the show.

Who was the big winner on "America's Got Talent" 2017?

With just 30 minutes of the show left, they finally announced the final five. This left everyone still a bit unsure about who will win. Sara and Hero were the first in the final five to find out that they didn't win the show. Next, Mandy Harvey found out that she didn't win. This left it down to just three acts that could win "AGT" this season. Tyra Banks slowly let them know who was going home and was going to win this season of the show.

Next Light Balance was told that they were going home. This left it to just Darci Lynn and Angelica Hale. Darci was really sweet and said she had so much fun and it didn't matter who won at that point. These two young girls did a great job the entire season.

Darci Lynn was in tears by the end and Angelica was holding it together a bit better than her.

"America's got talent" was so much fun for both of these girls. Darci and Angelica could both sing amazing, but Darci just did it with her mouth shut. Either one of these girls could have won the show, but only one could win.

The big winner of "America's Got Talent" 2017 is Darci Lynn! The little girl from Oklahoma was able to bring home the big win!

She was crying as she watched the recap of her season and fans couldn't be more excited for her. She will now have a headlining show in Las Vegas and also won $1 million. This type of money is life changing for anyone, but at this young age it will help her with her entire future.

Are you happy with who won "America's Got Talent" this season? Is this who you expected to win? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss a new season of "AGT" next summer.