Katy Perry, who just got back from "One Love Manchester" concert, has finally broken off the seal about Taylor Swift’s issue. In one of her interviews with NME, the "Swish Swish" singer finally decided to tell everything about their feud with Swift who happened to be her former friend. Perry revealed that their conflict started when Swift accused her of stealing her back up dancers which she actually didn't do.

With her previous interviews, Perry tried not to mention any names especially of Swift but later on; she finally confirmed that some of her dancers had left her in order to join her tour called, Prism World Tour.

She added that she tried talking about it to the brunette singer, but she refused to do so.

Addressing the drama

For a couple of times, Perry has chosen to remain silent on the issue despite the fact that criticisms were hitting them both together. Right now, the new "American Idol" judge feels the need to address the issue once and for all. The singer admitted that everything about the issue irritates her and that she just can't keep quiet for a long time. She cannot just let anybody ruin her character and added that it would be a great mess.

While speaking to NME, Perry added that she finally reach the breaking point of the drama. She feels more irritated after learning that the "When Love and Hate Collide" singer has written a song for her.

The 32-year old pop singer simply leaves everything to karma. She simply believes that everything you do will always have an equal reaction.

Perry's long-time writer

On the other side of the story, it has been known that Swift has hired Perry's long-time songwriter, Max Martin. Perry added that she couldn't speak anything bad about Martin since she loves him and they had been working together during her whole career.

Meanwhile, she also added that she cannot tell Martin what to do and not do. The singer doesn't hold any hatred against her former popular music producer. In addition, Perry added that she is very fair and she will only allow Martin to do the choices he wants to make.

Amid all the tensions and rifts between her and Swift, the pop-singer is now hard at work as she will also host "Katy Perry: Witness Worldwide" live on Thursday.

Apparently, the show will give her fans some sneak peeks of her newest album, "Witness."

Meanwhile, despite Perry's "tell all," Swift has stayed tight-lipped about the issue. Right now, she has kept herself a low-profile while hanging out with her new and rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.