Safaree made an announcement recently that his Uncle Victor had been murdered in his home. The star posted an emotional video on social media in which he detailed what happened and called out his ex for not getting in contact. The artist claimed that everything he does in his life will now be a tribute to his uncle.

The star's uncle was murdered in his home

According to BET, Safaree's uncle was stabbed to death in his home last week and the star shared his grief through social media. His uncle, Vincent Ropper, was 64-years-old at the time of his death, and the police have no leads as far as who is responsible for his murder.

Safaree shared the news of his uncle's death with his fans online by posting an image of Vincent Ropper and notifying them of the tragedy. The fact that the murder took place close to where Safaree's mother lives has shaken the family and it appears that the star is still very much in shock over the events.

Police have not commented on the ongoing investigation and fans are hoping that they will find the assailant so that he can be brought to justice. Fans have also expressed their condolences online for both the celebrity and his family.

Safaree could barely hold back tears as he spoke openly about his uncle

According to VH1, Safaree released a video in which he opened up about the tragedy and about how much his uncle meant to him.

The star claimed that he has never lost someone in this manner before and that it is the most difficult thing that he has ever had to deal with in his life.

He stated that he and his uncle were very close and that his mother is mourning the loss of her brother. Safaree recalled the happier times with his uncle Vincent -- revealing that they cleaned cars, rode motorcycles, and that Vincent would often come by to cook for his nephew.

In a report by the Boom Box, Safaree revealed that Nicki Minaj was also very close to Vincent when Safaree was dating the celebrity. However, Safaree revealed that he has not heard anything from Nicki and does not know what to make of that situation.

It is clear that Safaree will not be able to get closure until this murder is solved.

For now, the artist and his family are mourning the loss of their uncle and brother and are grateful for the support and love that they have received thusfar from fans and the public.

Safaree has asked for his fans' help in locating his uncle’s killer and asked anyone with information to go to the police.