Lisa Appleton has come forward to comment on the recent attack she suffered at the hands of drunken teenagers. The celebrity was enjoying a night out on the town when a large amount of flour was tossed in her face. The celebrity has revealed what she was feeling at the moment of the attack and what her thoughts are now that she has had time to process what happened to her.

The star was posing for photographs when the incident occurred

According to The Sun, former "Celebrity Big Brother" star Lisa Appleton was recently the victim of an attack as she was posing for the paparazzi.

The celebrity was approached by an individual who was holding a black hat filled with flour, and looked horrified as the assailant flung flour into her face.

The photographs of the incident have been released online by the paparazzi and show the various stages of the attack. Initially there appeared to be only a small amount of flour flung at her face but the assailant took advantage of Lisa Appleton's confusion and poured the rest of the flour onto her head before fleeing.

The photographs show Lisa looking furious as she tries to wipe the flour from her eyes. The celebrity is then seen pointing in the direction of the assailants however, it does not appear that any of the paparazzi were bothered chasing down the group of Teenage Boys.

Appleton has opened up about the terrifying experience

According to Metro, Lisa Appleton has opened up about the experience and stated that initially it was incredibly frightening as the flour blinded her. The star claimed that she could not see for a few moments and had no idea what had happened to her and if she had been attacked by a corrosive substance or not.

Appleton claimed that she was in shock for a while after being attacked and claimed that it appeared to be a group of teenagers who attacked her. Lisa stated that the individual was definitely not alone as she stopped teenage boys were backing up the assailant

In a report by The Sun, Lisa claimed that before the attack happened that she was having a great night.

The star had been out for the night with some friends and they had just finished up with their drinks and were on their way home when the incident happened.

Lisa has stated that while the incident was terrifying she is grateful that it was not any worse. The star stated that there have been a numerous amount of acid attacks around the world lately and she is glad that she was the victim of a prank rather than a more serious assault.

Lisa Appleton is not the only celebrity to have been at the wrong end of a prank as fellow celebrity Kim Kardashian was a victim of a flour bombing back in the year 2012.