The trailer of Netflix's new show 'GLOW' dropped Monday morning, revealing it may be along the lines of “Xanadu” meets “Flashdance” meetsWhip It.” The wrestling comedy is touted to be something totally different from what movie lovers are used to seeing on the big screens or on their television sets. Netflix users, watching the TV will be able to get up close and personal with female wrestlers as they rumble in the ring.

Netflix takes entertainment to another level with 'GLOW'

The show was billed as a throwback from the 1980's and comprises an all-female cast.

However, while the trailer is heavily promoted, fans still do not know what to expect from the one of a kind series. According to movie critics, the show will be equipped with big hair, glittery spandex and also some illicit drug scenes.

The creator of the series has recreated the fictional story of the aspiring actress, Ruth Wilder starring Alison Brie. The show is set in the 1980's in Los Angeles, California. Ruth will be featured as a struggling actress auditioning for two-dimensional roles. However, she will accept the unconventional role of joining a group of women who will learn how to wrestle along with the art of combat in the wrestling world.

'GLOW' is based on 'WWE' top female wrestlers

Additionally, to captivate its audiences the women will wear only sexy spandex as they learn how to bodyslam their opponents and entertain their fans. "GLOW" is based on the real-life gorgeous ladies of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In the movie, Wilder will get a big break along with twelve other women to show wrestling isn't made for only guys.

Executive producer Jenji Kohan said the show will be a perfect balance of comedy and drama. Kohan, if successful could garner more support for her other Netflix projects, including "Orange Is The New Black" which is also packed with laughter. "GLOW" has 10 episodes and is scheduled to make its debut on Friday, June 23.

Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the show has an almost all-female cast.

The two male stars are Marc Maron and Chris Lowell. "GLOW" is inspired by a professional women's wrestling TV series with the same name that ran from 1986 to 1990.

The over two-minute trailer highlights some good things coming to the Netflix lineup this summer. And while the online streaming giant has controlled the market for over a decade, it is about to get some serious competition from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced he is getting ready to venture into the movie streaming arena.