On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless", both of Billy Abbot's women bared their fangs, and stepped up their tactics against each other.. Phyllis tried to enlist the help of Lauren in sabotaging Brash and Sassy, and Victoria was openly flirting with her former spouse.

Laureen refuses to get in the middle of the drama

Unknown to everyone is the fact that Billy hired women from a temp agency to purchases Brash and Sassy products only at Fenmores. He rewarded each of them with $100.00. Laureen was discussing the spike in sales with her employee/best friend when Phyllis suggested showing favoritism to Jabot's new addition, the Parker Beauty Line.

Laureen refused, saying that Fenmores would always come first and she would not remove Brash and Sassy products from her shelves as long as they continued to sell so well.

Lauren also told Phyllis that she knew the issue was really about keeping Billy away from Victoria. She advised her friend to please give up the vendetta against Vicky and her company because it would not end well. And later she chastised Jack for preying on his ex-wife's insecurities in order to get even with his younger brother. Again she pointed out that she would not take sides and Fenmore's comes first.

Victoria and Phyllis declare war and Billy is none the wiser

Later on, Phyllis walks into the "Brash and Sassy" office and catches Vicky flirting with Billy as they discuss business.

When she gets back to Jabot she tells Jack that Villy is up to something secret. He responds that she should make it a priority to find out what is going on even if she has to use a little pillow talk. Phyllis replies that she is already on it.

Downstairs Victoria and Billy are discussing how he is using Dina's password and the Jabot computer that belongs to Phyllis to gain an edge on his brother's company.

Mr. Abbot is keeping a secret from his live in love, and now she will have a few to hide from him. Laureen is going to play fair which is why she encouraged her best friend to do the same. This has enraged Jack to further manipulate Phyllis who will stop at nothing to get her way.

Phyllis is teaming up with Jack, and Vicky flirting with Billy is evidence that their truce last week was only a ruse.

These ladies have officially just declared war on each other.Vicky, however, is being sweet, coy, and lovable, while her rival is out o control, grasping at straws and practically begging someone anyone to help her. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to find out which woman will get her man.