The next "Bachelor" for 2018 is being named in a very unofficial announcement. Apparently, sources are revealing who ABC is going to announce "soon," according to Reality Steve. A few weeks ago, it didn't look promising that this individual is chosen given the conflicting reports and fact that rachel lindsay doesn't believe he'd be a good candidate since the "process isn't right for him."

Early "Bachelor" spoilers out

Reality Steve tweeted a message to his followers that he's hearing some information on who's going to be announced as the next "Bachelor" for 2018.

He seems fairly certain that Peter Kraus is going to be the one looking for love next season.

It doesn't sound like Steve is being satirical in tone by teasing this bit of information. There are two more weeks of "Bachelor in Paradise" and fans were led to believe the producers wanted to wait out season 4 of the summer spin-off to see if another guy would appeal to them. So far no one other than Wells Adams has been on people's minds to be the next "Bachelor," but he might be in a relationship with Danielle Maltby. It's unknown if that's the case, but the way they kissed when Danielle left and their words of admiration for each other are taken as signs they might be a couple.

A photo of them together with other "BiP" lovebirds, Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth, made an impression last week when Carly Waddell hoped "BiP" would be as good of a thing for the cast members as it was for her and Evan Bass.

Although Peter Kraus was skewered for being so indecisive about his feelings long-term for Rachel on "The Bachelorette," he was commended for being real and honest about what was in his heart.

After watching Dean Unglert string two women along on "BiP," Peter doesn't look so bad. Dean has a day-and-night girlfriend with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. Fans don't care for his behavior and are furious over how he's treating both women.

Have producers known what they wanted all along?

A few weeks ago, a source told People that producers don't want Peter as the next "Bachelor" because he'd be a nightmare.

The insider claims he refused to do what they wanted on "The Bachelorette" and remained noncommittal to Rachel. Reality Steve tweeted that it was a big fat lie and that Peter is exactly who ABC wants to cast as the 2018 lead. Does Steve's tweet on Wednesday signify that the network managed to get the man they wanted after all?

Would you like to see Peter Kraus as the next "Bachelor" for 2018?