The film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It” launches in theaters on September 8. For this reason Pennsylvania State Police are concerned that the “Creepy Clown” sightings, experienced around this time last year, may make a scary return. Professional clowns have their own worries about the film.

'It' could draw out the 'creepy clowns' again

As reported by CBS Local, with fears of future “creepy clown” sightings resurrecting their ugly heads, police have sent out a community awareness bulletin to warn the Pennsylvania public. The bulletin told residents that with the film “It” releasing on September 8, they anticipate a return of the sightings.

They went on to explain – to those who didn’t already know – that the King adaptation tells the story of an evil demon who takes the form of a clown by the name of Pennywise. That apparent clown haunts the sewers, enticing children with a red balloon and then kills them.

Remembering the 'creepy clown' sightings of 2016

The bulletin went on to remind the public of the “creepy clown” sightings that occurred in September 2016 in several U.S. states, leading to the arrest of around a dozen people.

The suspects arrested were residents of Alabama, Georgia and Virginia and were charged with either dressing up as a menacing and scary clown, or for making false reports about clown sightings.

The bulletin did admit that the “creepy clown” phenomenon was nothing new, as there were reports back in the 1980s of similar sightings.

However, with Pennywise the Clown making headlines with the latest King movie adaptation, things could get out of hand.

Professional clowns show concerns about 'It'

Meanwhile it’s not only the police who are concerned about the upcoming launch of “It.” As reported by Complex, the real live, professional clowns are getting worried too.

That report quotes Pam Moody, president of the World Clown Association, as saying clowns are worried about losing their jobs.

Moody said a collective fear of clowns started with the first adaptation of the King novel and with the new film adaptation causing so much excitement, it can only get worse. She said Pennywise, the killer clown in the movie, is not a true reflection of clowns and their work. She referred to Pennywise as being a “science-fiction character” and that it is not a clown and relates in no way to professional clowning.

Moody added that last year’s “creepy clown” sightings across the U.S. have intensified the fear of clowns, leading to a negative effect on their work, saying some clowns had even had the police called out on them. Moody said they have prepared a press kit to send out to their clowns to warn them of the release of the new movie.

King himself has addressed concerns in the past and insists Pennywise has nothing to do with the fear of clowns.

Meanwhile, with all the excellent reviews coming out for “It,” fans themselves can’t wait for September 8 to dawn. Watch the trailer below and let us know in the comments whether "It" would make you afraid of clowns.