Miley Cyrus is among several other celebrities who have addressed the current situation after Hurricane Harvey left tens of thousands of people homeless and without anything but the clothes on their backs. The star was praised for her efforts as she donated a massive amount to the case and has claimed that people should be doing anything that they can to help in this situation. The singer was moved to tears when talking about the tragedy and explained that it has had a huge impact on the victim's lives.

The singer held back tears when talking about the tragedy

According to E! News, singer Miley Cyrus was moved to tears when she was talking about Hurricane Harvey on the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." The singer spoke about the victims of the hurricane which has killed thirty-five people and left a further 32,000 people to seek shelter in Houston. The singer claimed that the whole situation moved her to tears and that she found it incredibly difficult to talk about.

The singer explained that she does not know why the situation moves her in such a way and has stated that it simply does. She spoke about her family when referring to the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. Miley stated that she still has her grandmother, her mother, and her seven dogs to go home to every day and that this is something that she does not take for granted.

According to the Daily Mail, Miley Cyrus has donated $500,000 in the wake of Hurricane Harvey for its relief efforts and has claimed that she simply wants to give back in any way that she can. She also went on to say that is it extremely important for other people to put themselves in the shoes of the victims and has claimed that these people have had everything taken from them.

Cyrus is not the only celebrity to donate money to the cause

According to the Daily Mail, singer Miley Cyrus is not the only person to donate money to the cause. Ellen DeGeneres has recently announced that she has teamed up with Walmart and that they are donating a further $10 million to the cause. The Houston Rockets point guard, Chris Paul, has also donated a further amount of $50,000 in order to help the people who need it the most.

Several organizations have sprung up to try to help the individuals who fell victim to the hurricane as well as many other celebrities. Further victims of the tragedy have taken the matter into their own hands and have set up their own Go Fund Me pages in an effort to raise money for their family. One victim stated that he has lost everything that he had and he has two young children who need a roof over their heads and food to eat.

The world has been shaken by the events of Hurricane Harvey and people from all lifestyles have been doing their best to contribute to the cause.