In the build-up to the release of the latest film adaptation of Stephen King’s "It," most people are probably already terrified. The trailers with the new Pennywise look pretty scary as it is – but just imagine this. A movie theater full of clowns, all in full gear and watching the movie together.

Clowns-only night for ‘It’ in the Mueller Alamo Drafthouse

The Mueller Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, is well known for its special theme nights. When “Wonder Woman” was recently released, they caused major controversy by having a “girls only” night.

This time it’s clowns, lots and lots of clowns, all seated together in a darkened theater.

The event will be held for one night only on September 9th, the day after the film is released in theaters all over the U.S. There’s only one rule to attend the special screening – attendees must be clad in their best clown outfit to get entrance. The theater is apparently expecting a crowd, as in their release they ask people to arrive early to avoid disappointment and to enjoy what they dub the “Barrel O’Fun” pre-party, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Mueller Alamo Drafthouse promises to have a bunch of face painters available to give a “touch up” to clown makeup, as well as raffles with great prizes, a photo booth to remember the moment and other scary fun as you “float” with everyone else.

Bill Skarsgård comes to life as Pennywise in ‘It’

Any coulrophobics reading this are probably already squirming in their seats at the thought.

However, those with daring can have a unique experience watching the latest adaptation of “It” with its really scary Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the terrifying form of actor Bill Skarsgård. While Tim Curry often looked almost cute in the previous adaptation, there’s nothing charming in Skarsgård’s terrifying representation of the evil clown.

In fact, Skarsgård admitted in a recent interview that he felt bad for scaring the child stars while filming the movie and giving their nightmares.

This event is definitely a unique way to watch a King story brought to life. Consequences of Sound ask an interesting question about the Austin event, by wondering who will be left in the sewers of Derry, while all the clowns are in the theater?

Lots of Stephen King adaptations around

While King and other horror fans wait for the release of “It” in theaters nationwide on September 8, there are a couple of other adaptations of the horror author’s work doing the rounds.

“The Dark Tower” was released in theaters a while back to a mixed reception, with those who have read the novels mostly enjoying it, while critics who have never read the “Dark Tower” series were left completely perplexed. The excellent, but brutal, adaptation of the novel “Mr. Mercedes” is gaining plenty of positive attention on Audience Network, while “The Mist” is somewhat tame on Spike.

In case you missed the latest trailer for “It,” build the fear by watching the video below.