Jeff Lewis became a father to a little baby girl in October last year. He didn't say much about it on social media, but he was filming the entire journey for "Flipping Out." The production for the current season had started, and the cameras were there to capture the birth of Monroe. It is no secret that Jeff likes to be in control of everything, so as soon as Monroe went past her due date, Jeff and Gage Edwards wanted to get her out. Fans saw how they became fathers for the first time during Thursday's episode of "Flipping Out."

According to a new report, Jeff Lewis is now breaking his silence, revealing what he thinks about being a father.

Little Monroe is now almost a year old, and she celebrates her first birthday near Halloween. Of course, one can imagine that Jeff and Gage have talked about becoming parents again. Now, Jeff is revealing exactly where they stand with baby number two.

Future babies

As it turns out, it sounds like a second baby may be in their plans, as Jeff is thinking about starting the conversation with Gage soon. Even though the first couple of months were rough for Jeff and Gage, it sounds like they have a perfect handle on it now.

"I think we'll probably have a discussion about it," Jeff has revealed about the second baby, adding, "I want to get our house done. I want to get settled."

On "Flipping Out," Gage and Jeff will be overwhelmed as fans will see on next week's episode of the show.

Clearly, they didn't realize just how much work a newborn can be. But the work hasn't scared them off. He reveals that he and Gage still have five embryos left between them. When they got Monroe, they used Jeff's embryo. For the second child, they want to use Gage's embryo. As it turns out, the strongest one is a boy, which means the couple could welcome a boy in a few years.

They still haven't decided on a second child, but one can imagine that Gage is excited about the possibility.

Stable home

It's interesting that Jeff Lewis wants a stable home and get settled a bit before welcoming a second baby. When Monroe was born, he decided to do some renovations. It was stressful for them all, and one can imagine that his co-stars and Gage don't want to be doing renovations before a second baby is born.

With a second baby, one can imagine they will have their hands full.

What do you think about Jeff Lewis having a second child with Gage? Do you think they should go ahead and have a boy using Gage's embryo so Monroe can have a sibling?