Paris Jackson has become the latest victim of online bullying as members of the public have scolded her for not shaving the body on her hair. Jackson has been very open about body positivity and her own choices when it comes to what she looks like. It appears that star was not overly fazed by the aggressive but clearly thought that the world is living in a more progressive society.

The star was photographed with armpit hair

According to the BBC, Paris Jackson has recently been photographed at the MTV Video Music Awards. Members of the public have openly been shaming the nineteen-year-old teenager for her decision to grow out the hair under her armpits and on her legs.

Some of the public have taken to social media to comment about the teenager's decision calling her pathetic for not shaving.

The star posted an image of herself with leg hair and the public attacked her for this. Paris has since disabled her comments on her Instagram in an attempt to stop the amount of abuse that she is receiving for her own personal decisions. Fans have now taken to twitter to share their thoughts about Paris not shaving her legs and it appears that some of them are being rather negative about it all.

In a report by the Insider, some fans have directly tweeted out at the star and told her that while she is loved this habit of hers is truly disgusting. Many have followed up this sentiment with several offending comments about Paris Jackson's body but that star has not taken this and has spoken up about her decisions.

Paris responded in the perfect manner to the online abuse

According to the BBC, Paris Jackson responded to the flood of Online Abuse by posting a gif of character Ned Stark from the popular TV series "Game of Thrones." The gif states that "Winter Is Coming" which fans of the show will recognize as one of the series popular phrases.

Paris Jackson has also come forward with a comment and stated that she did not realize that so many people would have a problem with her armpit hair. As far as she is considered, it is her body and she will not let anyone else tell her what to do or how to feel.

Some of the star's fans have also backed her up online with one individual claiming that no one cares what she does about her armpit or leg hair.

Another stated that she is simply growing hair like a human being in a sarcastic yet appreciated post.

Paris has claimed that the entire situation is extremely funny and explained that she knew she was going to have to post some kind of responses to the abuse.