Gigi Hadid has been branded a racist after a photograph of her imitating the face of an Asian has been posted online. The model claims that it was not her intention to come off as racist and has since apologized for offending her fans. However, Hadid continues to receive major backlash and it seems that the public is not backing down anytime soon.

The star's sister posted a photograph of Gigi online

According to Hollywood Life, Bella Hadid posted a photograph of her sister as Gigi tries to match her face to that of a Chinese man’s face on a cookie.

The post was clearly meant to show that the girls were out having fun together however, the photograph has been taken a completely different way.

Many of the star's Chinese fans have found offense in the photograph as they claim that Gigi is making fun of their race and their religious idols. They have taken to social media to express their disgust at the Victoria Secret's model's actions and have expressed that she is not welcome by them in china where the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is due to take place this year.

In a report by Elle, many fans have been targeting the model and posted images of her stating that she is a rat and should never be welcome in China. There have been no reports as to Gigi's position in the line-up for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show but it is clear that the public does not want the model in their country.

This is something that the organizers of the show will have to take into consideration as they move forward with the show.

Hadid has spoken out in her own defense

According to Elle, Gigi Hadid has spoken out about the photograph and has tried to assure the public that it was not her intention to offend or hurt anyone. The model has claimed that the photograph was taken out of context and given a click bait title.

The model explained that it is not in her power to control how the media portrays her and that she hopes that the people in China will realize that this is not the kind of person who she is or wants to be.

Hadid continued with her sentiment claiming that she has nothing but respect for the people of China and loves her fans dearly.

The model stated that she is deeply saddened that the public has been upset by these tabloid stories but that this is all that this situation was.

Hadid's apology has not been taken to heart as fans are claiming that she simply wants to be a part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and is only apologizing to secure her place. It is clear that the public will play a huge role as to her position in the show as the organizers discuss the fallout from the photograph.