Former "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson, the 19-year old daughter of late pop myth Michael Jackson, can be often seen on social networks spending quality time together.

The two decided to eternalize their close relationship with matching tattoos on their arms, the ink representing a spoon. The only difference between the two is that the one in Paris’ arm has the circle on the top and linear portion below, while Caukin’s one is flipped the opposite way.

The new tattoo is only another in the growing collection of Paris, who filled her body with ink since she turned 18.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, past January, she revealed to have 50 tattoos.

She sports, for example, a tattoo of her dad’s album "Dangerous" from 1989 along with eternal tributes to Prince, David Bowie and John Lennon. Macaulay Culkin, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have so many other apparent tattoos.

Smiling in a sunny afternoon

The pair was seen out on Saturday on their way to Tattoo Mania, a popular Tattoo parlor on Sunset Boulevard. As they walked to the shop, Paris donning a cream top crop and green capris, and Culkin wearing a soccer jersey, both puffing cigarettes, they seemed to be very happy with the decision.

Paris was spotted beaming ear to ear, while she extended her arm for the tattoo artist already inside the parlor.

The following day, Paris proudly shared the tattoos on her Instagram account, which features 1.7 million followers.

Close relationship

Following eight years after the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, godfather Culkin and goddaughter Paris seem to be very close to one another. On Easter, for example, Paris sat on Culkin’s lap wearing a cute pair of bunny ears.

The now 36-year actor launched into the stardom in the '90s as a child actor with the franchise "Home Alone." He was chosen while still in his teens to be the godfather of Michael Jackson’s daughter.

The natural beauty of a rising star

Paris, who is the daughter of Michael Jackson and nurse Debbie Rowe, has become a very beautiful woman, and that hasn’t passed unnoticed.

This year she made several appearances on TV shows such as "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon," as well as on several awards shows, including the 2017 Grammy Awards.

She is now signed to star in a movie, "Gringo," expected to hit theaters in 2018. Directed by Nash Edgerton, the upcoming action film will also star Charlize Teron, David Oyelowo, Joel Edgerton, among others.