The third season of “Outlander” is finally upon us and fans can already hear the “Skye Boat Song.” The season returns on September 10 and is composed of 13 episodes. The new season is based on the third book in “Voyager,” the third book in the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon. Here are some details about the upcoming season.

Still separated

season 3 opens with Claire and Jaime living their lives separately and in their respective times.

Claire is in 1948 Boston with Frank and has just given birth to her (and Jaime’s) daughter, Brianna. She is still readjusting to her life without Jaime, and Frank is raising Brianna and studying to become a doctor at Harvard Medical School.

Meanwhile, Jaime is fighting in the Battle of Culloden in the 18th century. Show producer Ronald Moore has said that the Battle of Culloden will be in the series to show the fans what happened at the Moore. There, he will go against the enemy Captain Black Jack Randall.

It is already known from the books that Black Jack dies in the battle and Jaime survives. Jaime will be spending some time alone as he deals with the absence of Claire and his daughter.

Older characters

When Jaime and Claire finally do reunite, twenty years have already passed since they were separated. The characters are noticeably sporting some grays hair and their makeup makes them look older. Other characters who have also matured are Fergus, Ian Murray, and Lord John Grey.

Fergus was hired by Jaime as a pickpocket when they were in France, and he and Claire eventually adopted him.

Fergus will continue to assist Jaime in season 3. Previously played by the young Romann Berrux, the adult Fergus will be played by Cesar Domboy.

Lord John Grey first appeared in season 2 and an older version comes back in season 3. He will play a large role in Jaime’s life after the battle and in his eventual reunion with Claire.

Lord John Grey will be played by David Berry.

Print shop scene

Of everything that will happen in season 3, “Outlander” fans are most excited about the reunion of Jaime and Claire after being separated by space and time. According to previous reports, it will take some time before the two meet again in the “print shop scene.”

Executive producer Matthew Roberts revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he wrote the script for the scene from both Claire and Jaime’s point of view. Compared to the books, Gabaldon wrote the scene from Claire’s point of view. The new script reads that when Jaime enters the shop, Claire is already inside waiting for him.

There is so much to look forward to in season 3 of “Outlander” and season 4 is already in the works and is set to air in Fall of 2018. Season 3 returns on September 10 on Starz.