Nathan Griffith used to be a big part of "Teen Mom 2" when he was filming the show with Jenelle Evans. He seemed very dedicated to her for a long time, but when he lost interest in her, he was caught cheating. He would go out and then come home and yell at her. He would act like he was so much better than Evans, who had been at home caring for their young son, Kaiser. After they split up, his role on "Teen Mom 2" was limited to a few scenes and producers only filmed with him when they were in court together. They wanted his opinion about the entire custody scandal, which had been plaguing them for a while.

For a long, Griffith used to say that Jenelle was keeping their child away from him, but it sounds like he's getting more time with his son.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now revealing that he does have some time with his son. Jenelle claims that she will let Nathan see Kaiser when he makes time for his son. Of course, Nathan claims that he will see his son, but Jenelle claims that he only wants to go to the gym and it is Nathan's mother who spends time with Kaiser. Instead of this scenario, Evans prefers to keep their son at home with her so that he can be with his siblings. On Twitter, Griffith recently revealed that he did get to see Kaiser and he shared a video of them together.

A sweet reunion

In a video shared on Twitter, Nathan Griffith filmed his entrance to a room where his mother was sitting. When he entered, his mother said, "who is that?" and tried to get Kaiser all excited. When Kaiser realized it was his father, he rushed over to him and gave him a hug. He was clearly happy to see his father, who told him repeatedly that he loved him.

He also noted how Kaiser was starting to look more like him.

One has to wonder if Jenelle Evans respects this video and sees how Kaiser loves being with his father. Maybe this will encourage her to work with Nathan to find a new custody agreement.

Custody fight

The two have been going through a custody fight while filming "Teen Mom 2." Jenelle has revealed that she has been fighting her mother to get Jace back and she has been to court to determine what the best thing is for Kaiser.

Griffith claims that the best thing is for him to get time with his father. Evans agrees, but she wants him to spend time with his son and not use his mother as a babysitter as he heads to the gym.

What do you think of Nathan Griffith's video on Twitter where he's hanging out with his son Kaiser? Do you think they are spending more time together?