Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" promise things are about to get interesting for Philly. Fearing Victoria has ratted her out to Billy, Phyllis came clean on Tuesday about Ben Hochman. Billy will forgive her because he understands her motives but spoilers say the two of them will begin trying to outsmart each other.

Let the games begin with Philly

Phyllis was stunned when she realized that Victoria had not told her ex about Ben. She had assumed Vicky went whining to Billy about big-bad Phyllis pushing Hochman in her direction. She confessed that she wanted Victoria to spend time with Ben and less time with Billy.

Even so, there are other secrets between Philly are mounting, and this cannot be good for the relationship.

Billy stole Dina's password and used the Jabot issued computer Phyllis brought home to get into the website. He found out Jack wants to replace "Brash and Sassy" products on Fenmore shelves with those from his own company. Billy and Victoria confronted Ashley who knew nothing about her brother's plans but fears the worst from her older sibling. Most of all Billy does not realize his live-in lady love told Jack that she wishes "Brash and Sassy" were wiped off the face of the earth. Although Billy assures her that she is the only woman he loves, he is not being totally truthful, so it looks like the games between Philly are about to begin.

Billy and Phyllis may be doomed to fail

Billy says he understands and tells Phyllis that things are not 100% her fault. They embrace, but unknown to Phyllis her sweetie's mind and emotions are not fully on her. As they are kissing Billy twice is recalling his deep passionate lip-lock with his former wife. Spoiler alerts do not indicate how this love triangle will end, but Villy fans are betting they will be the winners.

Victoria has now marked her man and tries as he might he probably will not be able to lose himself from her grip.

Previews for Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" show Victoria and Billy will discuss their kiss. More than likely he will tell her he loves Phyllis and they need to keep their relationship strictly business unless it comes to the children.

He may even admit he has feelings for Vicky but insist he is comitted to the relationship he is now in, and ask her to respect it.

The fact that he was thinking of his former spouse while with Phyllis speaks volumes. The writers at "The Young and the Restless" may drag this out for a while, but Billy Abbot's character is impetuous and loves the chase. The gambler in him will not be able to resist having both Vicky and Phyllis wanting to be with him. Both he and Phyllis will continue to have ulterior motives for whatever they do, and it will catch up with them.