Javi Marroquin has been growing up in front of the cameras, as he went from a happy young man to a divorced adult who had to deal with some serious issues. Marroquin is trying to be neutral in his drama with Kailyn Lowry, as they have to co-parent and raise their son together. Of course, Kailyn has experience with co-parenting, as she and Jo Rivera have done it for years with little Isaac. One can imagine that she's excited about moving on, but Javi will still be filming "Teen Mom 2." It sounds like Javi will be giving his side of the story on the show, which is something that viewers will be excited about.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is also giving another side to viewers. There are many aspects of their failed marriage that were not featured on the show. In fact, Marroquin never really opened up about how his friends were big support systems for him during the divorce. In addition, some of their mutual friends chose to side with him after they announced their split. While Marroquin doesn't want to talk about these issues on the show, one can imagine he does talk to his friends about it.

Questions loyalty

It sounds like Javi Marroquin went to a wedding recently, where he celebrated a friend. Rather than just sharing a picture of the wedding, it sounds like Javi has a clear message; he's loyal to his small crew.

"That's why I pick and choose, I don't get it confused, I got a small circle, I'm not with different crews," Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter without providing a context or a description of his random comments.

It sounds like he may be sending a message to someone, as he writes that he's loyal to his small crew because he doesn't flip sides once he has chosen one.

Perhaps he's talking about his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, as some of their friends switched sides and chose who they wanted to support as they were divorcing.

Ditching friends

It is possible that some of his former mutual friends with Lowry are switching their loyalty. More details are surfacing about their divorce, including the fact that Kailyn slept with Marroquin's best friend.

One can imagine it is hard for him to forgive her decisions, as she's now happy with her new baby. She clearly got what she wanted after their split, and Marroquin is now moving forward with his life. While he wanted a baby with Kailyn, it sounds like he will have to wait a few years to give Lincoln a sibling.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's comment on Twitter? Do you think he's talking about a girlfriend or his ex-wife?