The latest updates and spoilers for "Jessica Jones" Season 2 will feature the origin of Jessica's powers and the return of Season 1 main villain, Kilgrave to the show.

Season 2's plot

It seems that main plot for the second season of "Jessica Jones" has been teased as Krysten Ritter told Bustle that viewers will "understand" why Jessica behaves that way she does in the next installment. This suggests that the showrunners will show bits and pieces of Jessica's past before the day of the car accident that killed her family and left her orphaned.

Jessica will also explore the origins of her powers after obtaining information about a mysterious organization called IGH that handled her treatment and hospital bills when she was comatose.

IGH is also responsible for Will Simpson's combat pills that enhanced his physical abilities.

Ritter revealed that the accident already gave her post-traumatic stress disorder before she met Kilgrave and he controlled her mind. From that point, Jessica will be more unhinged and paranoid than ever before knowing that there is this organization that created her abilities and they might have something to do with her family's death.

"Even in the source material, so much stuff has happened to her. You feel for her," Ritter said. "Every time, you're just like, ' Ugh, she's been through so much.' Yet she still fights."

The events of "The Defenders" also changed Jessica's perspective on her status as a hero and she has accepted the responsibility that comes with it whether she likes it, or not.

Kilgrave returns

David Tennant's character Kiglrave will return to "Jessica Jones" Season 2 as Twitter user dxvid616 posted several behind-the-scenes photos of the villain interacting with Jessica and Malcolm Ducasse. It is speculated that Kilgrave's presence is still haunting Jessica even after the latter killed him in the Season 1 finale.

Perhaps Tennant's character will likely pop up in Jessica's head torturing her, or he will just appear in flashback scenes in Season 2. Kilgrave is responsible for tormenting Jessica throughout the first season. He has also controlled Malcolm as his spy and is tasked to take pictures of Jessica all-over the city in exchange for drugs.

Kilgrave is also responsible for the death of Luke Cage's wife, Reva after obtaining the hard disk containing the experiments of his parents.

There are also reports that Will Simpson and Typhoid Mary are the main villains of Season 2 and they are likely working with IGH in the show. The show's second season will premiere in 2018 on Netflix.