O.J Simpson is looking forward to seeing his family after serving 33 years in prison for a robbery at a Los Vegas hotel. The former NFL star applied for parole earlier this year and will be released from Nevada prison in October 2017. Many people believe that Simpson is a criminal and do not want to see him back on the streets as he is suspected of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson wants to focus on his family

According to Page Six, O.J Simpson's goal is to spend as much time with his family once he is released from prison after 33 years of being locked up.

In a report by Today, Tom Scotto has stated that O.J's three children cannot wait until their father is finally released from prison so that they can get to know their him again.

Scotto, a close friend of Simpson, has kept in touch with O.J throughout the 33 years he has been in prison. He revealed that Simpson talks to each of his children despite contradicting reports that his children want nothing to do with him.

NBC reports that Tom Scotto sat down with Andrea Canning earlier this Year 2017 and talked about what O.J Simpson wants his life to be like once he is released. Scotto revealed that O.J has stated that he wants to spend his time playing golf, seeing his family and hanging out with his friends.

Another source claims O.J Simpson's children do not want to see him at all

According to Page Six, Tom Scotto was not available for comment on O.J Simpson's relationship with his children. However, his publicist claims that Simpson does not have the best relationship with his children. Scotto's publicist stated that all three of his children —Jason, Justin, and Sydney — want nothing to do with their father.

Simpson's lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, denied the rumor and gave more information about his client's relationship with his children. He explained that Simpson and his children are in constant contact with one another. LaVergne made it clear that he is the only person who can speak on behalf of his client and that any other comments can be taken as incorrect.

Tom Scotto is currently writing a book about O.J Simpson and has allowed Simpson to retell the events of 1994 when Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered. This will be the only account told through a book that includes Simpson's recounting of the murders.

None of O.J Simpson's children have come forward with a comment about their relationship with their father. However, it appears that there are conflicting accounts from numerous sources.