Todrick Hall has become the latest victim of online abuse as the public has turned against him for his affiliation with Taylor Swift. Hall is a well-known celebrity and has opened up about the backlash that he has received because of his friendship with Taylor. Todrick has revealed that the public is targeting him because of this friendship and not because of anything he has done.

Hall has kept his cameo on the down low

According to Yahoo, Todrick Hall has a cameo in the music video for Taylor Swift's new song "Look What You Made Me Do." The song is a diss track directed towards Kanye West for the treatment he has given her ever since he humiliated Taylor back in the 2009 MTV Music Awards.

However, a promo of the video has been released, and fans immediately noticed Todrick Hall by Taylor's side.

Hall has received significant backlash for his role in the Taylor Swift video with many members of the public referring to his as a sellout. The dancer has also been accused of betraying both the Black and LGBTQ+ societies for associating with Taylor Swift, and Hall was shocked by the amount of backlash that he received.

In a report by UPROXX, Todrick Hall has also been accused of being part of a dance that is a rip off of Beyoncé's "Formation." It is clear that the public is less than happy with Todrick's part in the music video, but that star has stated that this is not the first time that he has received backlash for a role.

Todrick opened up in an interview about the backlash

According to UPROXX, Todrick Hall has discussed the hatred in an interview with Yahoo. He claims that fans simply started jumping to conclusions the moment they saw Taylor. Todrick has stated that the promotional video that was released only contains 30 seconds of the actual music video and is confused as to how fans can know that Taylor's video is a rip off of "Formation."

Hall has claimed that he is a huge fan of Beyoncé and that he would never be involved in something if he thought someone was taking her work.

Todrick also revealed that he has choreographed for Beyoncé in the past and has assured fans that the music video is nothing like Beyoncé's "Formation."

Todrick Hall has revealed that the majority of people do not have a problem with him but rather his friendship with Taylor Swift. He stated that people he has known for a long time are calling him out for his association with the "Bad Blood" star and has revealed that he stands for equality and love, despite what the public is saying.

Taylor Swift has not stepped in to defend Todrick Hall for his involvement in her latest music video and fans are wondering if that star simply used Todrick and has now tossed him aside.