The father of a Nick Jonas fan has become internet famous after his daughter posted a selfie of her father with the celebrity. Deanna Hall has shared the photograph to both Twitter and Instagram and included the text exchange between herself and her father as her dad asks her who Nick Jonas is. Fans have Fallen In Love with the unknowing dad.

The father noticed that there was a lot of commotion on the plane

According to The Sun, the unknowing father noticed that there was a lot of noise on his First Class flight with Delta Airlines. The father realized that the commotion appeared to be directed towards the man he was sitting next to.

He inquired as to who the man was and it was revealed that he was sitting next to Jonas.

In a report by the Deccan Chronicle, the father had no idea who Nick Jonas was and had to text his daughter to ask her. The text exchange between Deanna Hall and her father has been posted online and shows Deanna telling her father all about Nick.

When her father reveals that he is sitting next to Nick Jonas Deanna clearly freaks out as she begins to type in cap locks. She asks her father if he can get Nick Jonas' autograph and tells him to take a photograph with the celebrity. The father did as he was asked and sent the photograph to his daughter who immediately posted it to social media.

The photograph has gotten a lot of attention on social media

According to the Lad Bible, the photograph of Nick and the father has received massive attention online as the public has swarmed to see if the story is true or not. The father succeeded in getting a selfie with Nick Jonas and it appears that the singer has to help the father and take the photo for him.

Fans have been commenting underneath the photograph and it has been confirmed that the original post by Deanna Hall has been retweeted 49,000 times. The post has also received a massive amount of likes totaling to 186,000. One of the airline flight attendants also commented underneath the photograph and stated that Hall's father was adorable on the flight.

They stated that they saw the exchange between Nick Jonas and Deanna's father. The public has fallen in love with the clueless father and have complimented him to his daughter. Many fans have called him cute and have claimed that Deanna is very lucky for having the father that she has.

Nick Jonas has not commented on this hilarious encounter with a fans father and his followers are hoping that he will address the exchange.