Kim Kardashian has recently released a controversial back to school collection and has received huge amounts of backlash for her products. Many of these products have been deemed inappropriate for a school environment, as they are sexual in nature. One can assume that the celebrity did not expect such severe backlash for her new product line.

The celebrity has released a new back to school collection

According to OK! Magazine, celebrity Kim Kardashian has released a brand new back to school range as the oncoming school year approaches. Kardashian has recently announced her new collection, which includes pens, lunch boxes, and Post It Notes.

Kim Kardashian has included her own images in the collection in an effort to grow her brand.

Items include a backpack with Kim Kardashian's crying face on it; a laptop case decorated with Kimoji's and a retro photograph of Kim dressed in a pink tracksuit leaning across a Range Rover. Kim took to social media to announce her stock is now available to purchase. She posted a picture of her ninth grade yearbook photograph to both Twitter and Instagram.

Other products that are included in the collection are items with the naked picture of Kim on them, post it notes that are shaped like breasts and a butt. Items that Kim released previously are also being included in this collection such as the Virgin Mary candle and wrapping paper.

The public has criticized the Kardashian for her products

In a report by Star, the public has turned against Kim Kardashian and stated that her products are extremely inappropriate for a school setting. Many mothers posted messages to Kim stating that they would not be buying these products for their children.

One teenage fan of Kim Kardashian stated that she would not be allowed to use these products in school.

People have left comments of criticism and shock. Some fans have been asking the star what she is trying to promote, as many of the images on the products are sexual in nature.

It is clear that the public is not on board with Kim Kardashian's new product line and will be directing their children elsewhere for their school supplies.

Fans are disappointed with Kim as she is a mother herself, and have pointed this out to her on social media. The celebrity has been chastised by her fan base, both young and old, for her latest collection.

Kim Kardashian has not yet replied to the backlash that she has received for her merchandise and fans are waiting to see if the collection is going to be pulled from the shelves.