After some significant ups and downs in her career, it looks like Demi Lovato has all the reasons to celebrate, one of which includes her recent 25th birthday celebration. Her fans, friends and family all took the time to give their birthday greetings and to make her feel very special on her natal day. According to Mail Online, Lovato received a lot of birthday tributes via social media, but one of the said tributes really stood out - the one that came from her longtime friend, Nick Jonas. Apparently, the fans are seriously shipping the two former Disney stars and are hoping to see them as a real couple.

Demi Lovato broke up with longtime boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, a few months ago while Nick Jonas is also single. Nick Jonas posted a sweet photo of him and Demi with a heartfelt caption saying how much he admires the birthday girl. He also acknowledged the fact that he and Demi have been through a lot together and how he is always grateful to be part of her life. Perhaps the best part of his caption was when he shared to the whole world how much he admires Lovato.

Celebrating it apart

Although it would have been nice if Nick Jonas was actually with Demi Lovato during her 25th birthday, it appears that they had to spend it apart as revealed in the former's Instagram birthday greeting. Looking back at their careers, the two celebrities have really spent a lot of their growing years together, working with each other on several Disney shows and projects.

Nick Jonas will turn 25 on September 16 and fans are excitedly waiting for Demi's birthday message for him.

Star-studded greetings

Aside from Nick Jonas, other celebrity friends of Demi Lovato also took the time to greet her on social media like Kelly Clarkson and Ellen DeGeneres. Amid the birthday greetings from friends, fans and family, it appears that Demi decided to have a low-key, intimate birthday.

On her own Instagram account, Demi posted a photo of herself beaming with happiness while holding some knitting tools. She simply posted a caption of "time to knit" with her photo, showing her 60 million followers what she has been up to on her birthday.

As of writing, there's no word yet on the status of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas' relationship. Although they have been known each other for a Long Time and have considered each other to be really good friends, the fans are not disregarding the possibility that they could become a couple.