Chelsea DeBoer doesn't say much in regards to her personal life on social media, as she's already sharing much of her life on "Teen Mom 2." There are some things that she prefers to keep to herself, as she knows how aggressive and rude viewers can be. She has seen how people have criticized Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry over their respective life decisions, and one can imagine she doesn't want to be judged the same way. While she's been filming "Teen Mom 2," her husband Cole Deboer has been working on his own sock line. While he hasn't talked about starting his own sock line, he seems very excited about this new Business Venture.

According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she's very excited about her husband's new business venture. While Chelsea has pursued her dreams, as she went to school to get her education. She's also considered doing a beauty line and she's even tried having a website. It sounds like Cole's new business venture is the first one that allows both Cole and Chelsea to profit from the "Teen Mom 2" platform.

New sock business

Cole shared a video of himself showing off some of his socks. Chelsea revealed that he had designed the socks based on what he likes, including the outdoors and the American flag. Cole seems to be very proud of his new products and Chelsea can't help but celebrate his new sock line.

As she explains on Instagram, these socks definitely represent him.

"So proud of my husband! He's so creative...he drew all these designs up himself and they DEFINITELY represent what he loves. Check them out on the link in his bio," Chelsea DeBoer revealed on Instagram, sharing the video of his socks.

Neglecting Aubree

Chelsea DeBoer is excited about celebrating this sock line, as this is something that her husband has done all by himself.

In addition, this is something positive for them, as she has been criticized over her parenting of little Aubree. DeBoer has been criticized for neglecting her daughter after welcoming little Watson Cole. This is something fans have seen on "Teen Mom 2," which is only a few minutes of footage. When DeBoer criticized MTV for editing the content to make it look like she was a bad mother even though she reveals this isn't what had happened.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer promoting her husband's sock line? Do you think this will be a success or do you think this is just another business product that has been launched by a "Teen Mom" star?