Jenelle Evans' ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffin recently hinted that he was expecting another son with his new girlfriend. But Jenelle didn't congratulate him on social media. She hasn't reached out to him at all to let him know that she's happy for him. It sounds like their relationship is completely shattered, especially after the custody battle over their son Kaiser.

Even though Jenelle has moved on with David Eason and had a baby girl in January, it sounds like things are not exactly smooth sailing between these two former lovers. Based on this weekend social media activity, it sounds like Nathan is actually making Jenelle look bad after her social media post about an actress’ suicide.

Is Nathan trying to make Evans look bad on Twitter?

According to a new Tweet, Nathan Griffin has written a very sweet message to Stevie Ryan, who committed suicide over the weekend. It's no secret that Stevie and Jenelle didn't exactly get along and they didn't have fond words for one another. But it sounds like Nathan actually did talk to Stevie quite a bit and his message on social media is rather sweet.

He reveals that he wished that he could've been a friend she could lean on during tough times, hinting that he wished he could've helped her prevent her suicide.

But Evans’ tweet about the suicide wasn’t as sweet and caring, and fans picked up on this.

One person told Nathan that she thought the message to Stevie was very sweet and wished that Jenelle Evans would have done the same thing.

In other words, fans noticed that Jenelle was accused of making the tweet about the suicide all about herself, writing that she knew that she and Stevie didn't get along but that she wanted nothing bad for her. It sounds like these messages add fuel to fire between these two.

Of course, many people do take the side of Nathan in various matters even though they only know him through social media these days.

Jenelle has been keeping their son Kaiser from him and when she realized that Nathan was actually going to the gym during the time that he had a son, she decided that he wasn't worthy of spending time with Kaiser.

Is she breaking the rules over custody?

This isn't her decision to make, but she felt she could keep her son away from his father. This only fueled the support for Nathan on “Teen Mom 2.” But it sounds like things are slowly working themselves out, as they are now cordial with one another. Fans will get an update on the situation when “Teen Mom 2” returns in just a few weeks.

As for Stevie Ryan’s suicide, Jenelle Evans has been slammed for making her tweet all about herself. Other “Teen Mom” stars have written very sweet and simple tweets about the suicide, simply saying that they are sad to see sad to learn about the loss of her life.

But Nathan's message clearly had a lot more heart. It sounds like they were actually genuine friends and talked on the phone rather often.

As for Nathan and Jenelle, one can imagine they will soon get along. Rumors have surfaced that she may be pregnant with baby number four, and since Nathan just announced that he's having another boy, one can imagine that they can bond over having moved on and are in much better places.

What do you think about the tweets? Are you surprised that people are taking Nathan’s side?