It was confirmed that a Location Scout for the TV series "Narcos" was murdered in Mexico. "Narcos" is a series, which delves into the drug lords of Mexico, and Carlos was looking for suitable areas to shoot scenes for the series next season. Police speculated that he was killed by a Mexican gang and are investigating his murder.

A Mexican gang killed the scout

According to The Telegraph, Carlos Muñoz Portal was found dead about 60K from Central Mexico in his car. His body was riddled with bullets and it has been confirmed that a gang in the area killed him.

In a report by the Guardian, Netflix has confirmed that Carlos Muñoz Portal was murdered. The streaming service announced that they are aware of the death of one of their location managers. They expressed their condolences to Portal's family and stated that they cannot comment any further as the murder is still under investigation.

Carlos Muñoz Portal was well known throughout the TV industry and worked primarily in Mexico. He scouted several locations for series over the years, which makes his murder even more unexpected. He was also connected to movies such as "Spectre" and "Fast & Furious."

The exact circumstances of the scout's death remain unknown

It has been confirmed that Portal was in Mexico with one of his friends.

However, it appears that the two split up when Portal went off to scout some locations for "Narcos." In a report by the Guardian, Portal's friend said that the last he heard was that Carlos had gone to the location to take some photographs for Netflix.

When he did not return his friend began to get worried and called the police to make a report.

Carlos was later found dead inside his vehicle. He had been shot and there were a number of bullet wound on his body. Police connected his murder to a gang that operates in the area but also said that they do not know why Carlos was targeted. Apparently, the area he was discovered in was supposed to be safe.

Claudio Barrera, a spokesperson for the Attorney General of Mexico, confirmed that while the investigation is ongoing, it is likely that they will never discover the exact motives behind Carlos' death.

Barrera has confirmed that for now, they can only speculate as to what happened to the location scout and that his murder will likely go unsolved.

Fans of the show "Narcos," were shocked to hear about the death of Carlos Muñoz Portal and have expressed their love and support on social media, for the cast of the show.