Fans of the Netflix crime series find it hard to let go of Pablo Escobar but actor Wagner Moura assured fans he also looked forward and excited for “Narcos” season 3. In a short video released by Netflix on Narcos’ official Facebook account, Moura shared his thoughts after playing the famous drug kingpin.

During the short video interview, Moura was asked how the world changed after Pablo Escobar was killed off.

“It didn’t change anything. Killing drug dealers is not the solution for the problem of the drug trade,” he shared. “After Pablo, you had Cali, after Cali, Mexico, after Mexico, you know.

This is not going to end with this policy of war on drugs.”

The 40-year-old Brazilian actor also shared how his life changed after portraying Pablo Escobar in the famous Netflix series. He said that his life had changed a lot as it was a big commitment for him to portray such massive role in a drug trade-focused series and he considered it very important for his daily life.

When asked about his thoughts on the much-awaited new season, Moura shared he wanted to see what happens next and added that following the drug trade will always be the center of the show. Moreover, he shared that Pablo Escobar was just the beginning of it.

Cali cartel takes over

Now that Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) is dead, a new cartel will set to take over the spot of Escobar and Medellin Cartel.

According to Pedro Pascal, who portrayed the role of Javier Pena in the series, Cali Cartel will take over Miami and started owning New York. With that said, fans can expect a lot of cocaine in season 3.

Moreover, showrunner Eric Newman told The Hollywood Reporter that for the next season, Cali Cartel would focus and people will get to know this “most powerful crime syndicate in history” through the series.

“We wanted to tell a story about the drug war and never just about one person or organization,” Newman said about replacing Pablo Escobar for the third season. “We don’t want to replace Pablo Escobar. We are going to look deeper into the systemic effects within Colombia of cocaine and corruption.”

When is the release date?

Netflix has yet to announce the return of the crime series, but Express UK reported that "Narcos" season 3 would likely to be released in August or September 2017, based on the release date of "Narcos" season 1 and 2. Also, a fourth season was already commissioned after the first two seasons won positive critics.